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Strategy and direction

The department made substantial progress during the year regarding the development and articulation of TMR’s transport strategy over three horizons.

Strategic Plan

The TMR strategic plan brings together the specific objectives, strategies and performance indicators needed for the next four years to ensure the department is meeting the needs of Queenslanders in creating a single integrated transport system accessible to everyone.

During 2018–19, a full planning cycle was undertaken by the Executive Leadership Team to articulate the 2019–23 Strategic Plan. The planning cycle included extensive consultation including more than 22 workshops, gallery walk throughs for staff to engage and contribute and engagement with external agencies and departments.

Transport Coordination Plan

The Transport Coordination Plan 2017–2027 provides a framework for the coordinated planning and management of transport in Queensland over the next decade. The plan is consistent with—and seeks to provide a transport specific response to—the overall strategic planning for Queensland, including the objectives for the community, and the State Infrastructure Plan.

The plan is made according to the Transport Planning and Coordination Act 1994. The intent of the Act is to achieve overall transport effectiveness and efficiency through strategic planning and management of transport resources.

The plan takes a system-wide approach to transport, the objectives, the criteria and processes that apply in making policy, planning and investment choices for transport in Queensland.

For more information on the Transport Coordination Plan.

Queensland Transport Strategy

The department progressed the drafting of the Queensland Transport Strategy: a 30-year vision for transport in Queensland during 2018–19. The strategy provides a vision for the transformation of the state’s transport system that will have flexibility in responding to customer preferences, global trends and emerging technologies.

For more information on Queensland Transport Strategy

Diagram showing the departments strategic direction over the next 30 years