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Rail safety

The department continues to be involved in rail safety initiatives following the transfer of rail regulation functions to the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator in Queensland from mid-2017. The Director-General continues in his role as chair of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee and board member of the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation.

This year, the department continued to maintain the Rail Safety National Law (Queensland) Act in consultation with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator and other stakeholders, ensuring that Queensland’s interests are reflected in any amendments to the national legislation.

The department maintains a strong policy position to retain prescribed hours for train drivers to appropriately manage fatigue. The department facilitated the legislative arrangements to provide funding to Australian Transport Safety Bureau to undertake no-blame rail safety investigations in Queensland and provides rail safety-related policy advice to the Queensland Government.

TMR maintained its role as the Dangerous Goods Regulator for rail operations and undertakes assurance activities and investigations to verify railway operators are meeting their legislative obligations for the safe transport of dangerous goods by rail. TMR officers continue to liaise with accredited tourist and heritage rail operators by conducting scheduled site visits and relationship meetings. These community support activities are in addition to providing accreditation fee funding to Queensland’s tourist and heritage rail sector.

TMR, through the Queensland Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2012–21, continues to explore innovative and cost-effective ways to improve level crossing safety and where possible reduce delays at level crossings in Queensland, including the current Cooper’s Plains level crossing congestion project. The department lead the inter-disciplinary Queensland Level Crossing Safety Group in overseeing the review and update of the Queensland Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2012–21 to ensure it remains consistent with contemporary trends and developments. The priority strategic action themes within the strategy continue as people, vehicles and infrastructure and knowledge for 2019–21.

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train carriages going through railway crossing

The department improves safety at level crossings across Queensland by installing and maintaining safety features.